Building Inspection

Evaluates deficiencies and costs of work required for the short, medium and long term of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Building Façade and Parking Inspection

Evaluate the condition of storied parking and facades for buildings of 5 storeys or more. The owner has the obligation to submit to the Régie des Bâtiments du Québec (RBQ), every 5 years, a thorough verification report.


Obtain a building permit for the extension of a building, the addition of a floor, or as part of major renovations.


Evaluate the subsoil to define the safest and most appropriate foundation system for the project while minimizing the associated costs.

Quality Control of Material

Allows in situ monitoring and control testing for concrete, bituminous mix and controlled backfill.

Project Management

Allows the management of construction costs and the value of construction projects.

Cost Consulting

When it comes to loan commitments between the developer and financial institutions, our cost consultation specialists intervene early in the construction project to provide our consultancy services.

Phase I environmental Study

Identifies all past or current, potential or actual sources of contamination that may have affected the environmental condition of a site.

Phase II or Phase III Environmental Study

Determines the environmental quality of soil/water according to the limit concentrations established by the Environmental Ministry of Quebec.

Underground Storage Tanks Removal

Provide our clients with professional service of pumping, cleaning, dismantling and dispose the Underground Storage Tanks.

Environmental Remediation

Restores a contaminated area defined during an environmental characterization.


Evaluate materials that are likely to contain asbestos in your residential or commercial building.


Evaluate physical locations that are suspected of being contaminated by mold. The latter can cause risks to human health and lead to the deterioration of buildings.


Detects the presence of radon, which is a radioactive gas that can cause cancer.


Detects underground infrastructure such as electrical conduits, gas, water and telecom wires.