Rosicrucianism is often used for Rosencreuzianism, but it is not the way in which of spelling they

Rosicrucianism is often used for Rosencreuzianism, but it is not the way in which of spelling they

This amazing site could be the subdivision to Aarre Lehtonen’s net publication named “Banned Bible college, Aasenappar’s small book of Bible”, that can be found from the below website link:

I’ve facts through the Bible, that I’ve provided during my guide known as “Aasenappar’s small publication of Bible”, to appropriate statements:

This produced Ervast good as spiritual instructor, who was simply capable tips more looking someone

The very first Christian action was actually Rosencreuzians, who had been youthful young men, residing the Ebony sea-coast, and so they happened to be entirely naked. (John 21, Tasks 24: 5, 7, 10.)

Similar to an increased among thistles, thus was my enjoy among dong the woods in the forest, thus try my friend among boys: I attend his shadow, that we inquire, along with his fruits is actually sweet in my own mouth

From inside the Bible’s Old-Testament in tune of Solomon 2:1,2,3 it is mentioned: “MinA¤ olen Saronin kukkanen, ja kukoistus laaksossa. Niinkuin ruusu orjantappuroissa, niin on armaani tytA¤rten seassa. Niinkuin omenapuu metsA¤puiden seassa, niin on ystA¤vA¤ni poikain seassa: minA¤ istun hA¤nen varjossansa, jota minA¤ anon, ja hA¤nen hedelmA¤nsA¤ on minun suussani makia.” The Finnish vocabulary protestant Bible 1776. Direct interpretation to English: “Im the flower of Saron, as well as the blooming from inside the area. ” therefore in track of Solomon, part 2, verses 1, 2 and 3 reference gay relations between youthful kids, “thistles” discussing female harlots, and “rose” and “apple” making reference to a gay son partners.

(post receive from the net:) Pekka Ervast is an essential Finnish theosophical creator. He stayed 1875-1934 and wrote about 70 courses and offered about 1500 lectures. Within years 1907-1917 Ervast worked because the common secretary of Finnish Theosophical people, but gave up Theosophical community, directed by Mrs. Annie Besant and Mr. C. W. Leadbeater, because the guy couldn’t recognize their own opinions concerning the World War and Jiddu Krishnamurti as “” new world “” Teacher.

Ervast going his very own theosophical in his very early youth and keep his first theosophical lecture on January 24, 1897 from inside the Theosophical Library of Helsinki along with general public on April 4, 1898. The Theosophy of Ervast centered on his own spiritual enjoy which he called Baptism of Jordan and which happened on October 13, 1898.

The rebirth revealed him that man is largely a spiritual staying, the child of goodness, and therefore The Sermon on the Mount is actually (as good as the instruction of Buddha) ways of religious gains. After the rebirth Ervast was able to discover about other folks as well, which hindered these to get the same level of consciousness as himself. Involving the many years 1893-1898 Ervast learned from the institution of Helsinki on top of other things a brief history of Indian Religions, Moral viewpoint and sanskriti, but the guy enjoyed more working outside the academy and linked to the working class.

The historical past of Finnish theosophical activity differs from people while in Finland an important number of theosophists originated from s.c. reduced tuition. The most important Finnish theosophist comprise Swedish talking upper class and writers and singers who furthermore happened to be frequently from Finnish origin and their interest was to fix social problems and equivalence.

The historical past of Finnish theosophical movement is probably connected to the universal reputation for Finland, that was an autonomic section of Russian empire since 1809, in the 1890’s the tsarist federal government started initially to unify the empire and rebel Finnish autonomy. Among many others the socialists and theosophists recognized passive resistance, never to agree illegal behavior of the Russian national.

In 1900 Pekka Ervast had a sight that Finland might be an unbiased state and from then on he worked for they in connection with his theosophical perform. The independence in the nation had been for him because obvious as the independence of every individual humans in which he unearthed that every nation comes with the dharma of its own the individuals.

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