In which context will you need to proceed with mold testing?

Molds are microscopic fungus that hide in building’s construction materials and proliferate in the presence of a high humidity level. They are one of the most common health problems in North America. In fact, the health effects can show as irritations, allergies, toxic affections, and infections.

The objective of mold testing is to determine if fungal growth is present in the building.

ORTAM follows the following methodology:

  • Spore air samples in order to verify the indoor air quality.
  • Exterior air samples for a duration of 10 minutes in order to compare the indoor spore air testing results.
  • Humidity measurement inside the building.
  • Spore air samples analysis by an accredited laboratory.

A report will be presented within seven (7) to ten (10) working days from the date of the Site visit.