Why have a Geotechnical Investigation done?

Well if you are considering developing or purchasing a property, the importance of getting an adequate geotechnical report cannot be overstressed. And in order to understand why, first we must know what is a Geotechnical Investigation?

What is a Geotechnical Investigation?

Geotechnical Investigations consist of gathering information about the subsurface soil and rock conditions. This is particularly important for foundation design of any construction project, to prevent collapse of structure foundations. The nature of the soil and its bearing capacity is determined to establish the foundation stability. This is necessary since the structure foundation failures are almost permanent.

ORTAM provides a complete set of services to provide you with the assurance needed when undertaking your construction project:

Soil mechanics and foundations

  • Geotechnical studies in order to provide technical information related to the mechanical and hydraulic behavior of soils for construction projects:
    • Buildings (residential, commercial, industrial, institutional);
    • Underground infrastructure.
    • Parking areas and traffic lanes.

Slope stability and retaining structures

  • Analysis of the stability of natural slopes for constructions in areas at risk of slope failures and landslides.
  • Stability analysis of artificial slopes during the construction of buildings, roads, and engineering structures.
  • Studies of temporary or permanent retaining structures.
  • Evaluation of groundwater conditions

Follow-up of geotechnical recommendations

  • Verification of bottom of excavations,
  • Verification of the excavation walls,
  • Verification of the transition slopes.

Laboratory tests and in situ tests

  • Laboratory tests on soil and rock samples including water content, Atterberg limits, particle size analysis by sieving or sedimentometry, undrained shear strength using the Swedish cone and the using the site vissometer, oedometric consolidation tests, soil permeability at the site or in the laboratory, compression tests on rock cores.

Wastewater treatment system for isolated residences

  • Design according to the constraints of the site and the most appropriate type of wastewater treatment for the isolated residence.


  • Design of rainwater collection and retention systems for residential and commercial construction projects.