Building Façade and Parking Inspection

Why carry out a Façade Inspection and/or a Parking Inspection?

Under Loi 122, la Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) requires that all facades of buildings of 5 or more storeys, from 10 years after their construction, be inspected as well as all the elements attached to them.

This study consists of identifying by visual and tactile observations as well as communicating to the user, the physical deficiencies, namely the presence of apparent defects or materials, observed during the inspection of the facades, the property under study which may be related to the development of dangerous conditions.

The methodology for this study is based on the guidelines in the guides entitled ” Guide explicatif des exigences d’entretien des façades” and “ASTM E2270”. The inspection is detailed as follows:

  • General inspection ;
  • Detailed inspection of the facades and elements attached to it ; Roof inspection ;
  • Photographic report and appendix ;
  • Plans (elevations) with annotations and legend ;
  • Limitations

     o    The exploratory openings are made only when the visual and tactile inspection does  not provide enough information on the state of the facades;

     o    The report is limited to major considerations, aesthetic and / or non-critical items are not included;

A report will be presented to you within ten (10) to fifteen (15) working days of the final site visit.