Cost Consultation

In which context will you need to proceed with the cost consulting?

When it comes to loan commitments between the developer and financial institutions, our cost consultation specialists intervene early in the construction project to provide our consultancy services.

Two distinctive parts subdivide our role as a consultant:

  • Analysis of the overall cost of the project, including the construction budget
  • The interim evaluation of the progress of the work with the related recommendations.
  • The quantities takeoff, the analysis of market costs and the comparison of the values ​​obtained with the values ​​provided.

The reports provided, process the assessment of progress related to payment requests, including:

  • Complete assessment of the project and quantities.
  • Verification of the methodology for the execution of the works.
  • Verification of the source of equity.
  • Assessment of the progress of the works.
  • Comparison between the progress of works and the construction schedule of the project.
  • Determining the value of the work performed and invoiced to date.
  • Comparative analysis of the budget with the execution of all corrections.
  • Analysis of the evolution of the contingency reserve for unforeseen costs.