Building inspection

In which context will you need to proceed with a Building Inspection?

In the context of refinancing or buying a property, financial institutions require their client to provide them with a study called Building Inspection.

This study consists of identifying by visual observations as well as communicating to the user, the physical deficiencies, namely the presence of apparent defects or materials, observed during the inspection of the property under study.

The methodology followed complies with the guidelines set out in document ASTM E2018-15. The physical conditions of the buildings are assessed on a strictly visual basis, including verification of the following:

  • Structures, building envelope and roof systems;
  • Mechanical and electrical systems and heating and ventilation systems;
  • Protection systems (security alarm, fire protection);
  • Outdoor facilities (parking lots, sidewalks, concrete elements, earthworks);
  • Capital expenditures and investment priorities.
  • Limitations
    • The assessment of the property is limited to a visual inspection as well as to easily accessible systems and components;
    • The report is limited to major considerations, aesthetic and / or non-critical items are not included;
    • The cost estimate is for informational purposes only. If a more precise cost estimate is required, it is suggested to consult general and / or specialized contractors;
    • Access to the roof must be direct and safe. If a ladder proves necessary, the maximum height is 3m. The customer must assume the additional costs for any rental of equipment and plan for the day of the appointment.

A report will be presented to you within ten (10) working days from the date of signing of the mandate.